Everything You Need 

to Plan, Market &

Kick A$$ in your business!

Does this sound like you?

  • Another year gone by and you're frustrated because you didn't implement all the plans you wanted to?
  • Did you set goals for yourself at the beginning of the year and lose track of them somewhere along the way?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by ...well...everything?
  • Do you tend overthink things and get caught up in second guessing yourself, and either take days to make a decision or ditch the plan all together?

The "Everything You Need to Plan, Market & Kick A$$ in your business" bundles were designed with you in mind. Each workbook, checklist, planner and guide will help you to efficiently plan, market, set up systems and get the support you need - so you can do more of what you love in your business!

Cash Calendar: Your 12 Month Marketing & Profit Plan

Smart business owners know that planning is the key to higher profits. In fact, if you ask many entrepreneurs what they have in the works, they’ll be able to tell you nearly every promotion and product coming up for the next 12 or even 24 months.  

But creating that kind of long-term plan doesn’t come naturally for many people. You have to not only have a vision for where you want your business to go, but you also have to know what you need to create (and when), be able to assign the tasks to your VA or other team members, work in some additional promos for complementary products, and still leave room for last minute offers.  

Whew! No wonder we get so overwhelmed when it comes to planning. The “seat of your pants” business plan seems so much easier! Unfortunately, that type of business won’t help to grow your income, so let’s get planning and make your next 12 months as easy (and profitable) as possible! 

Investment: $27

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30-Day Planning Workbook and Checklist

This powerful combination will have you set up for success, 30 days at a time.

The combination of workbook and checklist will set you up for success every time you plan out your next 30 days. You'll reclaim clarity, take inventory of your business, identify what and how to purge, create a master business manual, simplify further, update how you do things and keep on top of your business - all while leading the way.

Investment: $27

Planning Your Best Year Ever

A guided 15-page workbook to plan your best year yet.

As every small business owner knows, if you’re not having fun and enjoying your work, it’s tough to stay motivated. And if you’re not feeling motivated, it’s nearly impossible to grow.  

So many solo-preneurs simply exist, working hard day after day, without ever loving their business, and sometimes even coming to resent the very things you used to enjoy. 

Or maybe you still look forward to your day-to-day tasks, but have trouble achieving your goals—or even knowing what your goals are. Business feels boring or stagnated, and you can’t seem to reach that next level.  

Whatever level you’re at, whether you’re in love with your business today or not, the only sure-fire way to make the next year your best ever is to spend some time reviewing your wins, setting new goals, and planning your strategy for the coming months.  

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. It’s easy, and even fun. 

Investment: $27 

Weekly Newsletter Planner Guidebook & Weekly Newsletter Planner

The Weekly Newsletter Planner Guidebook walks you through identifying you you're writing your newsletter for to answering the question why do people sign up for YOUR list as well as why people want to STAY on your list.

The Newsltter Planner is the perfect companion to this Guidebook and supports you fleshing out your plan week by week. 

Investment: $27

Outsource Successfully! Your Guide to Finding & Hiring Your Dream Team

Are you a business owner struggling to get everything done in a day? Are you frustrated and feel like you overthink things, stopping yourself from any forward momentum you may have been experiencing? Are you a business owner that has grown so much that you know it's time to bring on an assistant and get some support but aren't sure where to start?

This gude is for you!

You'll learn:

  • What a virtual assistant is
  • How outsourcing can help your business
  • Qualities every virtual assistant ought to have
  • How much you can expect to pay for a virtual assistant
  • Effective communication with your virtual assistant  

Investment: $27

Social Media Planner Guidebook & Monthly Social Media Calendar  

With our Social Media Calendar and Social Media Planner Guidebook, you'll have all the tools you need to automate &&systematize, learn all about #hashtags, events and promotions, content themes, letting your followers know what's happening right now, tell new fans about your best stuff from the past and so much more!  

The Monthly Social Media Calendar could be used by you or you could hand it off to your virtual assistant. 

Investment: $27

Want them all? Get the Everything You need to Kick A$$ Bundle for only $130! (that's a $32 savings if you bought each one individually!)

A little about me:

Hey there – I’m Dortha Hise and I’m the Chief Overwhelm Eliminator and Joy Giver at Pretty Smart Virtual Services. I’m sassy, fun and smart-assy! My team of kick-ass virtual assistants and I have supported dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners figure out what to delegate and how to prioritize those tasks to increase their leverage, efficiency and productivity in their business with delegation.

Since starting my business in 2004, I have endured the trials and tribulations that many business owners do - ups and downs, bring on new clients, lose some clients, etc. Then in 2013, I was diagnose with a vocal disorder. Rather than run and hide, I have chosen to adapt my business to my vocal limitations - and I have grown my buiness every year 25% over the prior year since 2013. It's taken work and innovation, and it hasn't been the easiest road - and I promise the hard work will be worth it!

Let's do this!


Dortha Hise