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The Weekly Newsletter Planner Guidebook walks you through identifying you you're writing your newsletter for to answering the question why do people sign up for YOUR list as well as why people want to STAY on your list.

The Newsletter Planner is the perfect companion to this Guidebook and supports you fleshing out your plan week by week. 

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A little about me:

Hey there – I’m Dortha Hise and I’m the Chief Overwhelm Eliminator and Joy Giver at Pretty Smart Virtual Services. I’m sassy, fun and smart-assy! My team of kick-ass virtual assistants and I have supported dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners figure out what to delegate and how to prioritize those tasks to increase their leverage, efficiency and productivity in their business with delegation.

Since starting my business in 2004, I have endured the trials and tribulations that many business owners do - ups and downs, bring on new clients, lose some clients, etc. Then in 2013, I was diagnosed with a vocal disorder. Rather than run and hide, I have chosen to adapt my business to my vocal limitations - and I have grown my buiness every year. It's taken creativity, hard work and innovation, and it hasn't been the easiest road - and I promise the hard work will be worth it!

Let's do this!